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Telefónica digitises the training of 10,000 employees in record time with a customised solution

Digitising the training of 10,000 people spread across two different continents is a challenge that is only within the reach of a large company. Telefónica overcame that challenge and did it in just three months.

Spain’s largest telecommunications company is transforming its training approach with an innovative, dynamic and creative solution: Learning Cloud.

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With annual sales of €40 billion, Telefónica stands as Spain’s third-largest company by turnover*. It operates 870 franchise stores and call centres across Spain and Latin America.

The 10,000 employees serving these sales channels for Movistar offer a wide range of products and services. Their training was conducted in person until COVID-19 necessitated the digitisation of training content.

The project was initially managed internally, but as it grew and evolved, the company sought a provider with an innovative approach to engage its audience more effectively and intuitively.

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The challenges

To successfully overcome the challenges of such a large-scale project, Telefónica needed a comprehensive, agile, scalable, and efficient solution. A self-manageable model with an attractive and versatile platform and content that conveyed Telefónica’s corporate culture and values was essential. A complex LMS was required to address several key aspects:

  • Migrating over 400 courses in three months.
  • Training for more than 10,000 employees, some of whom are outside Spain.
  • Creating engaging and innovative content that conveys Telefónica’s culture and motivates employees to complete the training, even though it’s not mandatory.
  • Courses tailored to different profiles: veterans and new hires.
  • Ensuring all staff are certified to provide the best training and communication to customers.
  • Reducing the number of hours dedicated to training.
  • Optimising the intensity of communications, reach and frequency.
  • Finding internal talent to generate shareable content for the platform.
  • Training on an extensive portfolio, complicating content generation, storage, and learning.
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The objectives

Transformation and cultural change

Telefónica aimed to shift its training strategy to encourage active employee participation, improve franchisee communication, and offer greater autonomy.

The objectives were set to:

  1. Provide an engaging and innovative learning experience.
  2. Measure and enhance training effectiveness.
  3. Simplify management to give more autonomy to franchises.
  4. Implement a communication channel.

A tailored comprehensive solution

Netex took a proactive consultancy approach and offered Telefónica a fifth objective: to migrate its over 400 courses in just three months and replace its LMS without negatively impacting its employees. The Customer Success service conducted joint work sessions to understand the needs of the Movistar sales channels. This approach allowed for the design of a comprehensive tailored solution that addressed the operator’s specific challenges.

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Telefónica implemented Learning Cloud 6, a complete e-learning ecosystem with all the necessary applications:


Simple and intuitive user experience, courses organised in catalogues, with 90% optional content and 10% mandatory training. The migration of over 400 courses, a complex and potentially problematic process, was successfully resolved.


Engaging content that’s easy to consume with a unified aesthetic reflecting Telefónica’s values and corporate culture. It improves the participation of external collaborators, despite the courses not being mandatory.


A corporate social network that can serve as an internal communication platform. An autonomous and attractive approach. Key for franchisees without access to Telefónica’s email or internal networks.

Netex Telefónica BI

BI and Data Transfer Services

All information is efficiently collected and analysed, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

The keys to success

Throughout the implementation and onboarding phases, the Customer Success service provided continuous and effective monitoring. It advised and trained Telefónica’s team and trainers, applied a continuous evolution approach, identified improvement areas, and implemented tailored solutions. Data analysis enabled personalised training and reduced the administrative burden on Telefónica’s team.

Netex not only provided comprehensive and tailored technological solutions but also played a crucial role as a strategic advisor and partner in Telefónica’s training evolution.

Exceptional results

So far, the project has achieved impressive results. The course migration was completed within the required three-month timeframe, offering an innovative and highly attractive interface for franchisees. Navigation proved to be comfortable and intuitive, and employee satisfaction was evident in the course ratings, with an impressive average of 4.5.

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Return on investment measurement is expected in the future, with Telefónica specifying the data to be considered. KPIs have been established, including call creation, new courses, certifications, and active users.


Digitising training for 10,000 people in just three months demonstrates Telefónica’s capacity for innovation and adaptation. Its success is a perfect example of how major challenges can become significant growth opportunities.

At Netex, we understand that every company faces its own challenges. If your organisation is looking for a customised and innovative learning solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll bring your organisation to the forefront of digital training, driving your business’s success.

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