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Discover a next-generation LMS that will engage your audience and make your content shine.

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Improve engagement, knowledge retention and visit rates for your training.

Administration and on-boarding that won’t give your L&D teams a headache.

It’s scalable, supports multiple languages, can be used across different departments, and is supported by AWS technology.

Engage learners in your training

Inspired by entertainment platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, you can now deliver training with a learner experience like no other.

Create training pathways

You can pack them full of interactive videos, SCORM, xAPI and LTI activities, podcasts, documents, links of interest, and more.

Requirements system

Set requirements between activities so that they remain locked until the learner meets certain learning objectives.

Mobile first

78% of our learners access the platform through their devices, so we’ve made sure it’s a fantastic mobile experience for them.

Content marketing

Promote your courses through the portal. You can highlight news, relevant training, and even use videos to make it stand out.


Recommend trainning options to your employees considering their department, location, lenght of service, or any other filter your business defines.

Ratings and comments

Learners can share their thoughts. They can rate the training, as well as comment on activities and start conversations with fellow learners.

Recording achievements

Your learners can track their progress by accessing their completed training, certificates and medals at any time.


Include some healthy competition with our ranking system that highlights the most successful learners.


Reward your learners with badges and certificates for successfully completing their training.

Empower your L&D teams

Give your teams the tools they need to develop more creative training strategies. Replace those repetitive, tedious tasks with automated processes that will reduce your costs.

Digital software

Supports all current e-learning software: LTI, SCORM and xAPI.

Course Editor

Combine your learning materials with relevant content from the web such as YouTube or Vimeo videos, or SCORM and xAPI content.

Path Editor

Create complex training pathways by grouping multiple courses. You can organise them into stages and set progression requirements between them if you need.

Integrate with our authoring tool

Develop new digital content and a range of interactive activities with our authoring tool, and include it in the courses you create in the LMS.

Discover our authoring tool >

Multiple enrolment options

Assign training to your learners manually or with our enrolment system, as well as decide which training will be mandatory or recommended for your learners.

Reporting fields

Create customised information fields for your reports, and use them to create the enrolment system or your content marketing.


Set up notifications that inform the learners of new courses, mandatory training, awards and the status of their training progress.

Definition of KPIs

Make strategic decisions based on data, such as deciding which key training performance indicators are vital to your business.

Analytical dashboards

Have access to real-time information on your learners’ progress. You can also export detailed reports with all the information you need.

A global platform for global enterprises

The Learning Cloud 6 LMS is an SaaS platform supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strengthens the platform and provides you with numerous benefits.



  • Data centres are manned 24/7 by trained security guards, and access is strictly authorised.​​
  • Regulatory Certifications. AWS interacts with independent third-party auditors and certification.

Scalable and reliable

With AWS tools, the platform can be scaled up on demand. In addition, AWS guarantees 99.9999% availability of its services and data redundancy.

Available in multiple geographies

Allows you to easily provide content across different locations.


Depending on the needs of your organisation, you can add on many extra benefits such as our multi-department function, Microsoft Teams integration or online certificates.



The administration is centralised, allowing you to easily create training for different departments, offering unique training packages to their specific learner group.

Knowledge Hub

Integrate this feature of Learning Cloud 6 so that your experts’ publications and playlists appear in the LMS carousels as relevant content.

Mozilla Open Badges Integration

Your learners will be able to share their achievements in the Mozilla BADGR system and on social networks, such as LinkedIn.


Our LMS supports 20 different languages including Chinese.

Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Create a Teams channel associated with your training. The administrator can then manually add learners to the channel through Teams.


Create your own online certificates to accredit your learners’ training. Our platform meets the requirements to access FUNDAE.

And many more features.
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Fast and flexible implementation

There is no risk involved when choosing to implement Learning Cloud 6 LMS.
We will adapt the platform to your needs and help you launch a pilot easily and quickly.
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Pay per active learner

Pay only for the learners who use the platform and reduce your costs allowing you to meet your budget.

One more piece in your learning ecosystem

Connect the LMS with other tools in your organisation, such as spreadsheets, email, CRM, ERP, project management and many more.

On its own or as a spin-off from your LMS

You can use Learning Cloud LMS as a stand-alone solution or as part of Learning Cloud 6 – our learning ecosystem – for a complete learning experience.

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