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Netex helps SERGAS to launch its first all-in-one training system, reaching more than 35,000 professionals.


The Galician Health Service (SERGAS) is a regional health service, and boasts one of the highest levels of digital transformation in Europe. They are pioneering the use of innovative technology in public procurement projects, financed by European funds.
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The challenge

SERGAS wanted to unify and modernise its entire knowledge management system and integrate it with the rest of the healthcare systems. The objective? To benefit society as a whole by offering training to healthcare professionals, patients and citizens in general

The solution

In order to achieve this ambitious objective, SERGAS created SHARE, a project they built and launched with the help of Netex.

The two main principles of SHARE are the increased knowledge among professionals, and the distribution of verified, quality training among patients to prevent them from obtaining it by less reliable means.
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To ensure the success of the project, NETEX provided two of its solutions: Learning Studio, a dedicated resource to help them write and create digital content; and Learning Cloud, an LMS used to distribute content and promote new social and informal learning experiences. Experiences which meet the needs of the project.

Content distribution and user experience

Using Learning Cloud, approved training resources are published onto the professional and patient environments.
The system uses its AI recommendations to suggest content to professionals. These suggestions are based on the professional’s competencies, other users with similar interests, experts, related lines of research and/or scientific publications. In additional, professionals can also recommend content to their patients, which can be
featured on their platform.

New digital resources

is a simple authoring tool which allows professionals to develop content that they can share with colleagues and patients. Content can be catalogued and classified so it aligns with the competencies that are used to profile users.

In addition, SERGAS uses a filtering process that evaluates the scientific quality of the content; they also put them through an anti-plagiarism system before they are distributed.

Integration and connectivity

All of Netex’s solutions are integrated with SERGAS systems through an integration and connectivity module with the three main groups of systems: clinical area systems such as IANUS or XEDOC, management area systems such as SIGUS or other systems such as FEWEB.

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Social learning

Learning Cloud has several social learning tools. Its internal chat allows professionals with the same interests to share information, or for patients to communicate with the healthcare community. Professionals can curate relevant content they have found on the Internet and produce publications that can be accessed by other users.

A modular solution

Netex’s solution is easily scalable and allows for interchangeable components. It’s this modular functionality that is key to the project, as it allows modules to be easily added or removed depending on specific needs.


SHARE has just been launched, but thanks to a pilot programme it was possible to gather valuable information from users’ first impressions:

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