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Revolutionising In-Person Training Across 38 Countries in Record Time

Can you successfully digitise in-person training for over 1,200 employees spread across 38 different countries in just 4 months?

General Mills proves that it’s possible. In this success story, we’ll show you how this food industry giant managed to instil a new culture of positive learning among its employees within record time, achieving astonishing results.

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General Mills, one of the world’s top five food companies, boasts an iconic brand, Häagen-Dazs.

Known for its unwavering commitment to high-quality ingredients –the same base recipe since 1960– and relentless innovation in creating new flavours. These two core values, quality and innovation, have played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of their in-person training.

The Challenge

General Mills faced a complex challenge: implementing an e-learning strategy for employees in 240 franchised stores under its Häagen-Dazs brand.

Traditional in-person training was simply unfeasible, and lacking an e-learning provider, General Mills was unsure how to successfully navigate this digital transformation process.

The challenge also extended to serving a multilingual and demotivated workforce. General Mills needed to address the low completion rates of their in-person training, which relied on paper-based materials distributed at the stores. Additionally, being Häagen-Dazs franchisees, data storage presented a challenge. They required a digital solution that was engaging, accessible, and privacy-compliant.

240 stores worldwide





Transformation and Cultural Change

Häagen-Dazs aimed to change employees’ perceptions of training and create an environment that fostered active participation and knowledge retention.

To achieve this, they set the following objectives:

  1. Develop an agile and personalised training strategy.
  2. Create and publish content quickly and easily.
  3. Ensure accessibility to training from the workplace.
  4. Meet the needs of a global audience.
  5. Measure and demonstrate the impact.

A Tailored Digitalisation Approach

To understand General Mills’ needs and ensure project success, our first step was to apply a consultancy process. Our Customer Success department evaluated the situation, conducted a diagnosis, and developed a strategic plan that defined how, when, and where the LMS would be implemented.

Learning Cloud was introduced as an intuitive and engaging learning platform, essential for store personnel, featuring a mobile application and elements of social learning, such as forums and comments. We developed a customised solution, featuring a simplified registration process that provided employees with specific training based on their job category.

The success of the digitalisation process hinged on increasing user engagement.

How was this achieved? By offering employees an innovative learning experience inspired by streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify, complete with a customised interface that immersed users in the Häagen-Dazs brand.

Key Success Factor

Pilot tests were conducted with regional training managers, store managers, and employees. Each phase underwent rigorous testing, gradually expanding the number of users, languages, content, and global reach, all under controlled conditions. The result was a participation rate of 95-100% and complete satisfaction.

Learning Cloud Author was used to create appealing content inspired by the Häagen-Dazs brand. This tool allowed for the integration of xAPI content and support for multiple languages, reaching a global audience. Content gamification motivated and rewarded employees.

A Resounding Success

The transition to mobile learning proved to be a resounding success. The results were exceptional, with General Mills expressing unequivocal satisfaction with Netex’s platform. The numbers speak for themselves:

Registered users
in just 4 months
+ 0
of employees completed the modules in the first week.
0 %
micro-learning modules
in 2 years
+ 0
User satisfaction
0 /5


The success story of General Mills and Häagen-Dazs demonstrates that even the most complex challenges can be overcome with innovation and a user-centred digital strategy.

In a record time of just 4 months, they managed to digitise in-person training for over 1,200 employees scattered across 38 countries. This remarkable achievement not only improved knowledge retention and employee satisfaction but also drove business performance.

Despite the client’s initial expectation of 1 year, we consulted, developed, and implemented a global e-learning strategy in just 9 months.

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