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Create training at a pace
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Create the digital content you need. Content that is mobile compatible, available in multiple languages, and is supported by all e-learning standards, including SCORM and xAPI.

A professional editor for companies with a high demand for training.

Create content in all e-learning formats and in more than 230 languages that works across multiple devices.

Easy editing for inexperienced authors and professional mode for expert editors.

Easy editing with top results

The easy mode allows people with no previous design knowledge to start creating professional content right from the start.

All design functions are set to pre-designed themes so that the authors only have to focus on instructional design.

Pre-designed themes

Pre-designed content for inexperienced authors. Ready-made pages, activities and structures that can be easily edited by anyone.

For mobile learning

Themes are designed to adapt to all types of screens. Authors simply need to edit in one size and the editor will adapt it to any device.

WYSIWYG editing

Your authors can see how their content looks as they edit it. It works in real time and on any device.

Simply drag and drop

As easy as selecting an activity, image, video or section and dragging them to the page. You can reorder, delete, duplicate and test until it’s exactly as you want.

Import from Microsoft Word

Save time by creating e-learning courses from a Word document. It’ll retain your page structure, text formats and resources used.

Thousands of images at your disposal

Our editor is integrated with the unsplash.com photo repository giving your authors access to thousands of high-quality photos that they can use to bring their content to life.

Advanced design features for experienced authors

Endless design and customisation possibilities for your content and activities. With our professional mode, you will be able to create content that will impress your learners.

For all screens

Define how your content will behave, whether it requires a fixed size (4:3, 16:9 or custom formats) or one that will adapt to a device.


Using our grid design, create any structure you need for your designs and define how they will behave on different screen sizes.


Add images, texts, videos, audios, buttons and complex components such as carousels.

Symbols and Templates

You can easily maximise productivity by using templates, reusing recurring content or making bulk changes.

Advanced text

Customise your text design, and even include images, special characters and mathematical formulae.

Pages, popups and alerts

Design screens and popup elements in your content, including warnings and alerts that will respond to your learners’ interaction.

Design the best learning experience

All the tools you need to create effective instructional design and training itineraries that will make a difference.

Pass criteria

Set the evaluation parameters of the content you’re creating, such as the pass grade, how it is calculated, how it is sent to the LMS and more.

‘Completed’ criteria

Define when a course will be considered completed by the learner; is it after visiting all the pages, or completing all the activities, or maybe they have to listen to all the audio – you get to decide.

Event system and training pathways

Decide how the content will respond as learners progress. For example, choose what a learner needs to achieve for a page to unlock.

Navigation modes

With numerous navigation options available, you get to decide how the learner navigates through the course.


Do you need hidden content? Set the visibility of the content according to how the learner interacts with it.

Language management

With 230 languages available, including Arabic and Asian languages, you can generate SCORM or xAPI documents that meet all learners’ requirements.

A solution for your most ambitious projects

From creating standardised content collections and keeping them up to date to coordinating your entire supplier network and easily controlling production times and costs, we have the solution that will allow you to have all your content production under control.

Content projects

Create collaborative workspaces where you can organise your digital production. Use our system to specify which content your authors need access to, making sure they only work with what they need.

Team management

The options are endless: You can assign roles such as authors, reviewers or managers; create mixed teams of in-house people and suppliers, and even assign specific tasks to your learners.

Content version control

Keep all your publications organised thanks to the version control system, which allows you to tag, set the status, topic or format, and more.

Revision system

Establish a slick revision and validation process for the reviewers of different content.


Scan the contents of the units and compare the matches with other online texts, obtaining a detailed report of the result.


You can activate more than 20 types of notifications and alerts on the platform so that your learners don’t lose sight of what is happening in the projects.

Supplier management

Set up suppliers within the platform, assign them to projects and even keep track of the production costs.

Licence management

Keep track of the different types of licences contracted, with the possibility of extending the number of learners.


Many reports available, including the amount of available space; expenses by unit, project or supplier; content information and much more.

Interactive activities

Add a whole range of interactive activities to your content, and define instructional design aspects such as number of attempts, maximum time, restrictions, and more.


Our editor will allow you to create content that meets AA compliance criteria. We also integrate Equalweb into our solution to provide you with all kinds of accessibility tools for your content.

And many more features.
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Fast and flexible implementation

There is no risk involved when choosing to implement Learning Cloud 6 Author.
We will adapt the platform to your needs and help you launch a pilot easily and quickly.
Pay per active learner

Pay only for the learners who use the platform, and reduce your costs allowing you to meet your budget.

One more piece in your learning ecosystem

We adapt any type of editor theme to your brand image or business needs. We can also develop custom themes for you.

On its own or as a spin-off from your LMS

You can use Learning Cloud Author as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with our LMS for a complete learning experience.

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