Learning Cloud Share

A loudspeaker
for those who
know best

Create a culture of lifelong learning with relevant, up-to-date, user-generated and easily accessible information.

Discover new talent. With Learning Cloud Share, anyone can share their experience and knowledge with the entire organisation.

Create playlists full of varied training resources: videos, documents, blogs, podcasts, infographics, and more.

Users actively participate by subscribing to playlists, engaging with authors and adding comments.

Give your influencers a voice

Anyone can create a playlist and start creating posts within minutes.

It’s as easy to do as on any social network: authors can simply paste a URL from an external resource or write a post using the post editor.


Playlists are used by authors to organise content and reach their audience through their posts.

They can be made up of any type of content, whether that is an external resource, a document, a blog, a video, an article or more – whatever the author wants.

Learners can subscribe to any public playlists and learn about the authors’ new publications.

Discovering content and authors

By subscribing to their favourite playlists, saving the most interesting posts and following the authors they consider relevant, learners can make sure the app meets their needs.

The authors have control

Authors have access to their own space where they can manage all their publications and playlists.

They will also be able to see their followers and review all the messages they receive from learners, as well as requests for access to their restricted playlists.

And many more features.
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Fast and flexible implementation

There is no risk involved when choosing to implement Learning Cloud 6 Share.
We will adapt the platform to your needs and help you launch a pilot easily and quickly.
Pay per active learner

Pay only for the learners who use the platform and reduce your costs allowing you to meet your budget.

One more piece in your learning ecosystem

Connect Learning Cloud Share with other tools in your organisation, such as spreadsheets, mail managers, CRM, ERP, project managers and many more.

On its own or as a spin-off from your LMS

You can use Learning Cloud Share as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with our LMS for a complete learning experience.

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