Engage, Empower, Improve.

The Next-Generation LMS designed to engage and empower learners with a high-impact learning experience.


Learner-centric design approach.

Implement the latest advances in learning delivery through microlearning, skills mapping, social functionality and content recommendations. Ensure a one-of-a-kind learner experience that creates measurable results.

learningCloud user experience


Enrich learning experience.

Engagement with others is as important as engagement with the learning content. Knowledge sharing is a part of our daily lives and is essential now to any learning programme.


Create active learning communities based on specific subject matter or user groups by using Channels. Share contents, curated resources and allow your users to communicate with each other.


Allow learning managers and learners to curate and share learning content using Playlists. A great way to harness the internal subject matter expertise of your organisation.

Comments & Forums

Learners can interact with admins and fellow learners. They can ask questions or provide answers. Both learners and admins can add external links and enhance the existing content on the platform.


It’s not just about adding badges and leaderboards.

learningCloud uses the latest innovations in game-based mechanics to ensure maximum learner engagement.

learningCloud - Gamification


Real-time progress updates for the learner through a game bar, which updates information as it happens, always keeping the user engaged and motivated.


Build a sense of achievement amongst your learners via personalised scoreboards, badges and game notifications.


Urgency has been proven to increase engagement of the learner. learningCloud allows you to create a deadline for learners to complete the learning module.


Team leaderboards can be used to create a sense of competition within your organisation or be configured to show who are the top learners within the platform.


Be Where Your Learners Are.

Give learners the right content at the right time. Use learningCloud’s state-of-THE-art mobile app to empower your learners to learn on the go, anytime and anywhere, and be a resource to them when they need it most.

65% of workers indicated that their mobile PHONE was the most critical work device.

Bring Agility to L&D

Empower your admins and subject-matter experts to author impactful learning experiences in microlearning modules and gamified campaigns through a variety of resources.



Create, Curate, and Gamify.

Our easy-to-use authoring environment allows you to build content from existing resources, use external resources or create from scratch. Take what you have to reuse, repurpose or just rebuild in our user-friendly environment that will have you launching fresh content quickly and easily.

Interactive Videos

No more static content! Upload your existing videos or link any resources from YouTube or Vimeo and add an interactive layer over them.

Interactive Content

With our native H5P authoring capacities, you can create interactive content.

Curate Content From The Web

Deliver relevant, curated content for the modern learner. Enrich the learning experience and reduce the time and cost associated with creating content.

Externally Authored XAPI Content

Gamify xAPI content, seamlessly deliver it through learningCloud and take advantage of all the state-of-the-art features of the platform.


Increase Manager participation

Improve learning outcomes by enabling managers to mentor and coach their teams via various social engagement tools such as forums, comment threads and instant messaging.

Instant Messenger

The built-in Instant Messenger in learningCloud is a great way to connect learners with learning managers, team leaders and subject-matter experts.

Users will be able to converse on one-to-one or one-to-many via the messenger functionality, which is a perfect tool for deeper engagement with learners.

Actionable Dashboards

learningCloud provides actionable dashboards that give ability to the learning managers and team leaders to monitor the activity, engagement and performance of learners on the platform.

This enables them to have real-time insights to take immediate actions and make an instant, positive impact.


learningCloud integrates with Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Netex learningCloud with hundreds of other apps to automate your work. You can do so much more with Netex learningCloud by connecting it to the other apps you use like Google Sheets, Zoom, and WooCommerce to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

Measuring the Impact of Learning

It is not enough to just track whether the learners have completed their learning or the score they have achiEved. It is important to meAsure the impact of that learning and map IT to performance and business goals.

Improve and Evaluate


Create or Upload your own Organisational Structure.

Align learning initiatives to specific skill gaps and evaluate them to improve your learning strategies. Create or upload your own organisational structure, as well as create and assign job roles to your employees using your skill and competency framework.

Create and assign Job roles to your employees using your skill and competency framework.


Evaluate your employees individually or as a team.

Performance evaluation is key to continuous improvement. Evaluate your employees individually or as a team. You can also set up the evaluation process to be conducted manually or automatically.

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