A learning platform designed
for the modern workforce.

Breaking free from the constraints of the traditional LMS, learningCloud provides a completely learner-centric user experience by adopting an application based approach, to provide a completely personalised learning environment.
By utilising the latest technology standards, our users can ensure they have a fully interoperable learning platform that can grow and adapt with the changing needs of the business.



Online / offline mobile learning


Social learning


Real-time conferencing

learningCloud Apps

Great on their Own.
Brilliant working Together.

By adopting an app-based approach, learningCloud offers a consumer-level experience to your corporate learning environment.
Create personalised learning environments for your users by granting access to specific apps, the possibilities are endless.



Embrace the evolving nature of learning.

Our learning habits have changed drastically. Now we learn anytime, anywhere and, most importantly, from multiple sources. learningPlay is the result of our research and analysis to the perfect pedagogical approach to address these new learning habits and challenges.

Discover learningPlay
A Gamified Learning Experience Platform designed to engage and empower learners for next generation workspace learning.

Discover learningPlay


LMS Pack

Multi-channel LMS compatible with SCORM and xAPI. Launch all online, classroom and virtual courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application.

Manage all your online, classroom and virtual classroom learning in an intuitive and effective way. Create activities such as e-learning Courses, Videos, Assessments, Exercises and organise them into courses, plans and collections. Define the enrolment policy and choose the evaluation system of your courses. Track all your learners progress, obtain fully segmented reports and check the impact of your learning interventions.


Content authoring

An intuitive and easy-to-use authoring tool that allows users to create responsive, HTML5 content with no programming knowledge.

Create beautiful, modern and engaging learning content, fully responsive for use on PC, tablets and smartphones. The template-based approach to content development makes it simpler than ever to develop a culture of content development from within the organisation.

External Apps

A living and growing ecosystem.

learningCloud is designed to be an open solution that allows you to enrich your existing digital learning programme with hundreds of Third-Party Apps available in the market, by utilising the latest technology standard, LTI. Select from content catalogues, video channels and all types of productivity and learning tools.
Add them easily to your ecosystem so that your students enjoy the app in their personalised learning environment. In addition, learningCloud offers you a selection of Third-Party Apps already integrated in the solution for you to use in learning programmes right from the start!

Content Catalogue learningCoffee

learningCoffee titles will allow your employees to acquire and boost soft skills in a quick, direct and engaging way. Free training, ready to be enjoyed on any device, beyond the workplace.

Content Catalogue OpenSesame

The broadest, deepest, freshest catalogue of business training courses in the world. With over 20,000 courses from the world’s leading publishers. Available instantly in your learningCloud ecosystem.

Web Conferencing Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect web conferencing software service offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.

Content Curation Anders Pink

Curate content for your team. Create topic boards, save articles and quickly build shared reading lists. Curate content personally. Save articles to read later or to your own personal topic boards.

Video on demand Kaltura

Building video experiences consists of ingesting media les, playing back videos, and reviewing usage and engagement analytics. Ready for Microlearning and Mobile Learning strategies.

Analytics Tools Google Analytics

Discover aws in your learning strategic design by analysing real-time data about users habits using the platform. Apply BI techniques for improving your digital learning.

The best apps. Better together.

learningCloud integrates with Zapier

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Netex learningCloud with hundreds of other apps to automate your work. You can do so much more with Netex learningCloud by connecting it to the other apps you use like Google Sheets, Zoom, and WooCommerce to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

learningCloud and Zapier integration

learningCloud Content Services

Content design for the here and now.

Seamlessly and naturally integrated within learningCloud philosophy, Netex offers custom content development services based on the changing needs of the modern workforce – designed for access anytime, anywhere to enable continuous and just-in-time learning.

learningCloud Content Services

Agile Factory

A service for companies with greater content creation needs. It is the ideal solution to unify your entire digital offer under the same educational, aesthetic and technological criteria. It allows you to develop a common strategy throughout your organisation, unify the criteria of work with multiple suppliers, reduce production times and control the budget for the project at all times.

Management and Configurator Apps.
Easily configure your new content through your Agile Factory ‘Configurator’ App. Establish all types of parameters like the duration of training, number of words, types of activities, complexity of the resources, etc. Control your budget and delivery at all times.

learningCloud Content Services

Gamification and Learning Stories

You never forget a great story. Also, we all love to be challenged and display our achievements for all to see. Learning Stories taps into these basic human emotions and uses the latest learning technologies to allow us to create beautiful and immersive learning experiences that your learners will want to come back to time and time again.

learningCloud Content Services


Effective training designed for 5-10 minute sessions based on achievement of objectives. Content with a structure and selection of resources adjusted to the learning objectives (knowledge, comprehension, application, etc.) and a quick access through an interface compatible with mobile learning.

learningCloud Tech Services

Cloud services for your learningcloud.

learningCloud is designed to be an open solution that allows you to enrich your existing digital learning programme with hundreds of Third-Party Apps available in the market, by utilising the latest technology standard, LTI.



Initial deployment of the solution. Initial loading of users and groups. Basic look & feel customisation. Senior consulting and training.



Design of integration strategy. Migration of data from LMS systems. Integration in HR systems. Advanced look & feel design.

Learning Office

Learning Office

Delegated administration. Validation and upload of content. White paper and homologation of suppliers. Generation of reports.

Community Services

Community Services

Support, supervision and monitoring to achieve project objectives with expert community managers.

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