What we do

Develop apps and service-based-solutions
to deliver digital learning in companies
and academic institutions.

The perfect blend of technology and innovation is in our DNA and, from our origins, we have the constant desire to create solutions aimed at people’s learning. We believe in the partner relationship with our customers and suppliers, because together we learn and build better solutions.

For whom we do it

We want to be a partner
for our clients

By participating in their transformation processes, transmitting the latest innovations and trends, collaborating in research projects and sharing our knowledge and experiences.

We seek interaction with our customers, collaboration and participation among them because the experiences, if shared, benefit us all.

Who we are

A talented and skilled team

We are committed to the professional development of our people because they are the key to our success. Collaborative, innovative and creative people, Netexians are recognised by our ability to learn and evolve. We love to work as a team and develop ideas that make us different.




Open Positions
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A global network

Join our partner network.

Our partners deliver localized solutions into their respective markets. In fact you can already find our solutions in more than 35 countries. Our strategy Is to partner with best-of-breed solution providers who have the knowledge and experience within their local territories. By combining our award winning apps with this local knowledge, we believe we can truly deliver world-class solutions.

Our offices

Coruña, Madrid, London, Mexico, India.

Our partners

UK, Ireland, Germany, US, Benelux, Italy, Mexico.


In Oleiros everything is different

Our head office is located in the beautiful city of Coruna in north-west Spain. This location provides the ideal combination of beautiful surroundings, coupled with the proximity to tech companies and talent in the Galician Silicon Valley

We have over 1,000 sqm of open-plan office space, designed for innovation and collaboration. With places to share, communicate and drink coffee together! We know that the place where we work reflects what we want to be and that is why we take care of it.


To the beach


To the gym


To the tapas


to the mountain


to the nightlife


to the airport

Founding partners

Carlos & Txerra

We created Netex in 1997.When the Internet was still starting to have its first users we entered into the world of technology and training. A passionate world in constant evolution and to which we have always tried to advance with our obsession for innovation.

Open to collaborations and growing together. Contact us to discuss your ideas or projects.

I have asked the team and now I want to know your opinion. Let me draw it for you.
Carlos Ezquerro


I'm sure we can make better use of this technology. I'm hungry, Steve.
Joserra Mosteiro


And so we did

Our story

Without getting into much detail…

  • 1997-2000 Survival


    When almost nobody had Internet access and mobile phones could not fit in a pocket, we came up with the brilliant idea of creating a startup to offer technological solutions for learning. An elearning company in 1997? Fight to survive!

    News: Google was founded in 1998. Nokia mobile phone.

  • 2000-2004 Intro


    The first major elearning projects were born, we were recognised as experts. We collaborate with IMB Spain jointly implementing solutions in large companies.

    In 2004 we launched one of the first mobile learning projects in Europe. We got the workers of one of the leading European telecommunications companies to access their learning sending trace to the LMS through their devices — remember how they were!

    News: Y2K effects. We all were prepared for what seemed to be the chaos provoked by not contemplating the new century in the date format. The use of the mobile is extended but they still do not resemble at all those of today. iPod was released on October 23rd, 2001.

  • 2005-2008 First Funds

    First Funds

    In 2006 the first investment fund accessed our capital. Kubbe was born, a solution based on social learning. We opened our first international headquarters in Pune, India.

    Already in 2008, we were ahead of the trend of HTML content. We modified our processes and adapted to the new multi-device strategy.

    learningCoffee was born, an agile and multi-device content solution.

    News: YouTube was born in 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006. iPhone was launched in 2007.

  • 2009-2013 Entry into Education

    Entry into Education

    Until 2009 our solutions focused on corporate learning in companies. Experience in content development and distribution gave us the opportunity to enter the educational sector with the most powerful publishers in Spain, Latin America and the United Kingdom.
    The educational business unit was born. Today more than 1.5 million users use our applications in schools and thousands of books have been digitised by our teams of professionals.

    i-love learning was born in 2012 as a meeting space “for elearning lovers”.

    News: Amazon reports that second-generation eBooks outpaced sales of its hardcover editions. The iPad was born.

  • 2014-2016 Products and Internationalisation

    Products and Internationalisation

    Since 2011 we have invested more than 5M € in the development of the new products that have come on the market in 2013.
    In just one year, we developed a network of partners that allows us to distribute our solutions in more than 15 countries.
    We opened commercial and project offices in London and Mexico.

    Our presence in international events increases and we receive different awards and recognitions.

  • 2017-2020 Expansion


    Netex to start trading on Madrid Stock Exchange. We have started writing this new stage.

    We are working on the entry of new funds that will allow us to enter new markets and strengthen the company’s expansion strategy.

    We will open offices in the USA and increase our presence in Asian markets. With the Netexpansion Plan we will seek the development of the partners and collaborators channel.

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