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Editora Moderna (Grupo Santillana) is one of the leading editorials in Brazil with more than 40 years’ commitment to education. Their success is based on reinforcing the students’ language, skills and civic values. Added to this is their determination to create the best resource materials for teachers, and their constant search for innovation. Moderna translate their philosophy into a slogan which describes the company perfectly: “making a school with your help”.

Caso de éxito - Moderna SantillanaSantillana is a Spanish editorial group, established in 1960, inextricably linked to the world of education and serving teachers. They are particularly concerned about the educational quality of their works, and focus their attention on these three areas: the quality of the text, confidence for the students and teachers, and innovation. Grupo Santillana is active in 22 countries such as Spain, Portugal, UK or the USA, and has also been present in Latin America since 1964. Their presence in Brazil dates back to 2001 when they acquired the editorials Moderna and Salamandra.

The challenge

Editora Moderna wanted to provide an innovative proposal for the educational market in Brazil, for the academic year of 2014. In order to do this, they decided to digitise all their book collections for all subjects at pre-university level: Educação Infantil, Ensino Fundamental I, Ensino Fundamental II y Ensino Médio. They wanted to go beyond simply turning paper content into screen content, by enriching the material and offering additional material on paper. Netex had already collaborated with Santillana on a digitisation project for contents in Spain, so our brand became the first choice. This is why, the Netex content factory was faced with the digitisation of 204 books in the space of six months. It was necessary to define a pedagogical and technological model in order to establish an agile and suitable production plan. Besides, the nature of the project required three-way communication between Netex in Coruña, Santillana Global in Madrid and Editora Moderna in Brazil.

They decided to digitise all their book collections for all subjects at pre-university level

Our solution

In order to take on this project, Netex proposed a three-stage system. Consultancy Our experts in charge of the project travelled to Brazil to discuss points of view with the editors of Moderna, and to make the technical and design proposal. Custom design templates Initially, three basic templates were considered for generating HTML5 contents, one for each study grade, but the diversity of the collections and the actual needs required in the different subjects led to the combination of 26 templates. Production plan Digitisation began in August 2013

  • The first step was to create solid and well-defined style guides, agreed with the client.
  • The next step was to implement a parsing system of the original contents in InDesign in order to access the plain text with a reference to pagination.
  • Then, we began the process of pedagogical organisation and adaptation of the didactic content to the screen, by applying the elements and styles we considered necessary for correct visualisation.
  • Finally, we included resources such as images, videos, audios, interactive activities, etc. In the specific case of the languages collections Log In, Esencial and Ventanita, we also carried out scripting activities and instructional design for the interactive activities.
  • We also created a system for continuously checking contents, in order to validate and correct the contents we generated, efficiently and quickly.

After six months of intense work, a total of 204 books were delivered. More than 105,000 pages were digitised and more than 4,000 resources were added, including audios, videos and interactive activities.

204 books, with almost 106,000 pages and 2,000 digital objects, combined harmoniously to offer an innovative and didactic proposal to students and teachers in elementary schools in Brazil

Moderna Santillana - Caso de éxito Ricardo Seballos Director of Editorial Operations

Result: Moderna offers teachers and students their digital contents in 2014

It has been quite a feat. There was little time and the amount of work was considerable. It was an original project because Santillana had never done this model in HTML5 before.

Moderna Santillana - Caso de éxito Concepción Roldán Gómez Global Manager for Digital Projects at Grupo Santillana

In January 2014, the Netex Contents Factory officially closed the digitisation of contents, which has lived up to the expectations of the client, allowing Moderna to begin the academic year in February offering extremely useful new contents to pupils and teachers. In accordance with their action plans, Moderna transferred the contents onto tablets and managed them through an App. These contents also offer pupils and teachers another version, by embedding extra resources in the same environment, providing an improved classroom experience. From a managing point of view, Modern now has a combination of very versatile and stable templates which may be used to generate new contents or to update existing content. As regards the future, Moderna is considering improving existing contents by creating a new combination of interactive activities in collaboration with Netex, to continue optmising the didactic value of the general collections.

Moderna cuenta ahora con un conjunto de plantillas muy versátil y robusto

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