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Development of e-learning content for language teaching

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UAX, the university of the company, with more than 8,800 collaboration agreements with companies, institutions, associations and individuals.

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The challenge

Development of e-learning content for language teaching English B1 and B2 and Course of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL).

The solution

Netex offers the following quality and value-added services:

  1. Design of didactic and editorial strategies
  2. Work on documentation Authoring of original content, characters, situations and scripts
  3. Design of activities adapted to the 4 language skills
  4. Creation of interactive activities
  5. Audio recordings with professional actors
  6. Design of images, graphics and frameworks
  7. Instructional Design for e-learning
  8. Layout and production of HTML5 SCORM units

The results

Pages of written and/or adapted script
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Interactive activities
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Audio files
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e-learning screens designed
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PDF files
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Graphic elements developed
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Training videos
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