IVI Global Education

The IVIRMA Global Group’s educational institution manages their training by implementing Netex solutions.


IVIRMA is the largest Assisted Reproduction group in the world. The IVI Group was founded in 1990 as the first Spanish medical institution to specialize entirely in human reproduction. It is currently present in 9 countries, with more than 65 centers across the world, receiving patients who travel from more than 180 countries.

IVI Global Education, our client, is the educational institution of the IVIRMA Global group with more than 20 years’ experience of specialized teaching in this field including face-to-face, distance, and mixed courses.

The challenge

IVI Global Education faced the challenge of migrating its online training to a more robust, multi-device platform that would improve the user experience.

It wanted to increase its ROI at the operational, financial, and positioning levels. In order to do this, it had to find a trusted technological partner to help them achieve their goals.

The solution

A more attractive way of presenting course content that encourages the participation of IVIRMA professionals and external students.

We implemented a new LMS

We migrated all the data from their previous LMS to our new solution. This has allowed the IVI Global Education management team to increase the number of specialized courses in Reproductive Medicine, using more sophisticated contents that are full of multimedia content and improved interaction.

We provide a corporate social network

Professionals can share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues. It also allows them to collaborate on numerous scientific documents with the entire community.

We complement our training with participation strategies

We encourage student participation by means of play mechanics and gamification strategies, through which students can continue to complete their training.


The range of courses offered has increased by 40-50%. There is also a wider variety of training resources and an increase in the number of users and cost improvements.

Thanks to the success of the project, IVI Global Education has launched a pilot project with learningCloud, which offers exciting Learning Experiences to its employees.

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