Case study: Valencia International University


Valencia International University

Edition and Digitization of its Bachelor and Master's degrees catalog

About Valencia International University

Valencia International University (VIU) is one of the leading online universities in the Spanish-speaking world.

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Students in Spain and Latin America
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A subsidiary of Planeta Formación y Universidades

The challenge

Edition and Digitization of its Bachelor and Master's degrees subject catalog for more than 250 subjects (Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, Education, Business, Legal...)

The solution

Netex offers the following quality and value-added services:

  1. Coordination with authors
  2. Pedagogical advice to authors
  3. Revision and editing in Spanish and English
  4. Application of APA standards
  5. Layout of manuals in Indesign into PDF
  6. Instructional Design for E-learning
  7. Layout and production of HTML5 SCORM units

The results

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Pages revised and corrected
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Emails sent between Netex and the client
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Pages of courses developed
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APA references reviewed and implemented
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Graphics developed
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SCORM e-Learning units scripted and developed
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Digital displays designed

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