IVIRMA Global Education entrusts Netex as a learning technology partner for the third consecutive year

IVIRMA Global Education, the educational institution of the world’s largest assisted reproduction group, IVIRMA Global, renews its contract with Netex for the third consecutive year.

This renewal consolidates the partnership started in 2018, when IVIRMA Global Education needed to migrate its online learning to a more robust multi-device platform that would improve the user experience. The new platform needed to be more attractive when it came to consuming content, favouring the participation of IVIRMA professionals and external students. IVIRMA Global Education wanted to increase its ROI at an operational, financial and positioning level, and for this, the most important thing was to find a trusted technology partner to help it achieve its objectives.

The project involved the deployment of learningCloud, Netex’s next-generation LMS, for 2,500 users, along with the migration of content and users from their previous system.

The gamified content creation functionalities of the learningCloud ecosystem enabled IVIRMA Global Education’s management team to increase its offering of specialized courses on Reproductive Medicine. These user engagement and gamification strategies helped to encourage student participation through more sophisticated game mechanics and content, full of multimedia resources with enhanced interaction.

Netex solutions also provided IVIRMA Global Education with corporate social network functionalities, so that all its professionals share their knowledge and experience, as well as numerous scientific documentation of interest to the community.

Among other services, Netex also supported IVIRMA Global Education with developments to adapt the behaviour of its evaluation system, and with the terminology adaptation of the master’s degrees and courses to facilitate their translation into the 6 languages of the LMS.

Thanks to the success of the initial project, IVIRMA Global Education experienced a 40-50% increase in course offerings, an expansion of the range of learning resources and an improvement in cost performance.

The collaboration will also focus on the integration of learningCloud with the company’s new HR systems, for which IVIRMA will have an Ongoing Service or continuous accompaniment of the project, with a Netex consultant who will oversee the evolution of the project to get the most out of the solution, adapting to the needs that may arise.