Netex consolidates its accreditation as an Innovative SME

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has once again awarded Netex the seal that accredits it as an Innovative SME, in recognition of the company’s efforts in one of the sectors that the Government considers “strategic for industrial development and growth”.

The renewal extends for a further three years, until September 2024, Netex’s inclusion in the Spanish Register of Innovative SMEs, first obtained in 2015 and revalidated in 2018.

Through continued investment in R&D and exceptional continuous improvement work, Netex has evolved its portfolio of products and services to deliver digital learning experiences at the forefront of the training sector. The development teams continue to design and implement new functionalities to complete an increasingly robust and effective elearning system, an unprecedented solution that enhances and meets today’s technology enhancement needs with greater dynamism, interaction and simplicity.

In this way, Netex has managed to increase the competitiveness of its products and services, which in turn has an impact on the company’s competitiveness and performance, as well as on the profitability of its business. All this has helped Netex to sustain the continuous extensive growth and predict the same for coming years.