Netex was founded in 1997, inspired by the digital revolution in internet communication

With 18 years’ experience, we are currently one of the leading companies in Spain in the information technologies sector.


When just 3% of the Spanish population had Internet access, Netex was born as an e-learning company whose commitment was to introduce innovative technological solutions into the world of training.

Then, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (NY), we set up one of the first Master’s degrees which could be done through the Internet in Spain.


We became IBM partners, our content factory was born and we started to collaborate with important corporations.


We focused on mobile learning concepts. Thanks to our solutions, Telefónica employees are trained from their mobile phones. It is a pioneering experience in Europe.


The venture capital firm Vigo Activo entered into 25% of the capital. The company reached an important phase of growth. We decided to initiate the development of products. A business plan was presented in order to develop an LMS management platform incorporating the training philosophy 2.0.


We changed the concept of traditional courses in flash for working of HTML. We opened the way that would lead us later to multi-device formats.


Our international expansion started with the opening of a content factory and a commercial office in Pune, India, an emerging market that allows our international position.


After examining the difficulties of publishing houses to convert their content and to deliver it in schools, we reached an agreement with the largest Spanish-speaking publishing house, Santillana, which allowed us to establish relations with them which are still being consolidated nowadays and which let us gain several prizes.

We optimised our production systems to adapt ourselves to the publishing sector and we developed new Cloud-based editing tools for collaborative work. This let us publish almost 180 digital books by involving teams in distant places, such as Spain, Brazil and India.

The Spanish Ministry of Education awarded Netex the Sello Escuela 2.0 due to our commitment to improve educational quality.


We invested in new solutions and products. We introduced HTML5, we went in depth in concepts such as responsive design, m-learning… Our teams participated in the development of new technology standards and we became early adopters of Tin Can API, an evolution of SCORM that we also apply to our products.

The Learning Performance Institute accredited us as technological suppliers of e-learning and we were included in the Leading Brands of Spain Forum.


We opened our commercial offices in London and Mexico D.F. aiming to consolidate our establishment in international markets. Therefore, we have created a solid network of partners which takes us to Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa or Kuwait, and to introduce ourselves in countries such as Uruguay, Panama and Brazil.


This year has meant the consolidation of our solution of school management and digital content distribution in Latin America, a project, Sistema UNO, in which we have been collaborating with Santillana for two years. After an initial introduction in Mexico and Colombia, in 2013 it has extended to other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala or Ecuador. Altogether, more than 3,000 schools and 500,000 students are using our solution.

The organisation of the European Business Awards has chosen us as national finalists in the category “The UKTI Award for Innovation”.