talentCloud – Talent Assessment

Your organisation is pure talent, make the most of it

Define, assess and develop your team’s skills

Detect reskilling and upskilling needs in your organisation and design a strategy based on the competencies required to achieve your objectives.

Design your own competency structure

Design or import your company’s competency catalogue and build various job positions around it. Define your corporate culture based on the most representative competencies.

Evaluate the performance of your teams

Easily organise your employee evaluation processes. Check whether your employees’ skills match their jobs and reinforce them if necessary.

Set up customised action plans

Create action plans that include the recommendation of specific content in your LMS. Use your competency catalogue to tag specific content so that your employees can become proactive in their learning.

Define the optimal competencies for each job position

Design different job positions using general and technical competencies in your catalogue. Employees will be evaluated based on these criteria, which will provide valuable information about the state of your organisation.

Culture Backpack Index

Create your organisation’s Culture Backpack (CBP) with the competencies that most closely match its values and analyse the level of affinity of your teams with respect to them.

Assessments from 90º to 360º, or customised

Create assessment campaigns in a simple way. Select an employee or a group of employees and assign them a set of evaluations.

You’ll get an individualised report for each user and you’ll be able to assign a mentor to develop an appropriate action plan to solve the problems detected.

A TBPi for each team member

talentCloud will add to each employee’s profile the results obtained in the evaluation of competencies, which will become part of their Talent Backpack and will configure their TBPi (user’s talent index).

This indicator will allow you to asses employees over time, compare them with their peers, and keep track of their progress.

All the information you need in real time and in one place

  • Detailed information on the strongest competencies and those that need improvement.
  • Information about the affinity of your employees to their jobs.
  • Control of all ongoing assessments and interim results.
  • Monitoring of the company’s CBP (Culture Backpack).

An attractive portal to improve your teams’ engagement

Your employees have their own space where they can consult their upcoming evaluations and get detailed information on their status within the organisation:

  • Consultation on the affinity with their job position and with other vacant positions.
  • Review of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of competencies.
  • Evolution of their TBPi: a numerical value assigned to the employee based on their evaluations.
  • Status of the Action Plan associated with the user.

Fast and flexible implementation

You don't need to make a huge effort to implement talentCloud. We’ll help you adapt the solution to your specific needs and situation, and to launch the experience simply and quickly.

Integrated with learningCloud

You can use learningCloud, our next generation LMS, to recommend learning to your employees based on their performance evaluation results.

In addition, you can use your competency catalogue to tag your content, to help your employees find the most relevant learning for them.


Another element in your learning ecosystem

We connect Netex Cloud to your learning ecosystem so that it works in tandem with the solutions you are already using.

In addition, it can also connect with other tools in your organisation such as spreadsheets, mail managers, and many more.

Pay only for what you consume

Licensing per active user. Reduce initial costs and adjust the budget to your real needs, paying only for the users that use the platform.

We'll be at your side from the outset

We’ll assign you a team of experts, who will dedicate themselves entirely to your project, analyse your particular case, identify your key needs, and advise you on how our solutions can help you meet them.

Our online community will be at your disposal, where you’ll have access to all documentation of interest, and where our experts will help you to identify and solve any issues that may arise.

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