Opex Solutions joins the Netex Partner Program

Netex extends its global reach thanks to Opex Solutions, a new partner based in the Dominican Republic, which will also distribute our portfolio of solutions in the rest of the Caribbean.

Founded in 2012, the consultant Opex Solutions combines technological innovation, education, communication, marketing, graphic design and audiovisual production to deliver high quality Digital Education to promote learning, and skills development of people through technological and training solutions, aimed at professional growth and continuous improvement.

Opex’s strategy seeks to spark the desire for personal and professional improvement among the employees of companies, so that they understand that true change occurs from the inside out. So that through education, the transverse axis of human development, we have to assume the challenge of taking advantage of time, and learning even in moments of entertainment.

Netex will contribute to the innovative offer that Opex offers its clients to provide solutions to their education and learning needs. Welcome onboard!

We have found in Netex the older brother we were looking for, since we share the philosophy of focus on the experience of use and learning of the end user, while exceeding the expectations of our customers through a memorable service.

Netex aligns with our strategy, allowing us to provide an entertaining experience with educational content according to the needs and interests of the user.

Ludwing A. Hernández Andino
Managing Director