Netex strengthens its international positioning in LT UK and LT France 2018.

Attendance to Learning Technologies in the United Kingdom and France reaffirms the company’s strategy and positioning after sharing space and concerns in two of the most dynamic European markets in the learning sector.

The month of January has concentrated some of the crucial appointments for the e-learning sector in Europe. On one hand, BETT and Learning Technologies UK, the main European showcase for organisational learning and technology in corporate training, and on the other hand Learning Technologies France, which Netex attended for the first time as an exhibitor and Gold Sponsor.

In the UK one more year and in France for the first time, we were able to listen to and analyse the needs of users and professionals who face, like Netex, the challenge of innovation in digital training as a mantra. In markets as competitive as the UK and France, we have observed our immediate competitors and verified that, in spite of having different languages, the concerns are shared and our digital educational content strategy is not only innovative and competitive but we have been successful when responding to changes in the consumption of training.

In the words of Jose Meis, Content Solutions Manager at Netex: “Despite being a very mature market in terms of solutions and e-learning providers internationally, LT France has been a great showcase for Netex and in particular, learningPlay has given rise to greater interest as one of the most surprising solutions for its originality and freshness as a content and gamification solution”.

In addition, the visit to France forged a strategic alliance for Netex with the addition of a new partner: e-learning Touch’.

The creation of solutions that respond to changes and the evolution of users is the cell around which all our work revolves. For this reason, our colleagues Ricardo Álvarez, Mike Byrne and Roshan Patel studied their seminars at LT UK about people, behaviours and trends and the evolution of learning. Their interventions had great acceptance among the attendees as they valued the need to continue creating and innovating by and for people.

Our first contact with LT France incorporated, in addition to the above, an important section dedicated to business schools and universities where Netex was able to demonstrate its commitment to the intelligent contents guided by our EdTech Product Manager, Rubén Míguez. Rubén showed attendees the power to create new generation content that transforms the traditional concept of classrooms to adapt educational models to those current models of digital content consumption.