Inditex hires Netex learningCentral to manage its internal training all over the world

Inditex has chosen learningCentral LMS to manage training for more than 125,000 staff globally. Netex has worked with Inditex for some time now, creating custom content and the hiring of our LMS further strengthens the relationship with this leading fashion organisation. Critical learningCentral features for Inditex were:

  • Customisation and integration services Netex were able to offer, to ensure the platforms fits seamlessly with Inditex’s business model.
  • Multi-organisation features – to create sites for each one of Inditex’s global brands under the one platform.
  • The sleek new, responsive design for the student site.

Following a start-up phase in which a pilot project will be created to help Zara’s users, the definitive integration with the whole of the Inditex group will follow during the remainder of 2014.