P2P Project. Training from professional to professional for the SERGAS

By the end of 2012, FEGAS (Galician School of Health Care Administration) created a training project for SERGAS (Galician Health Care Service) professionals: the P2P training project. It aimed to create an innovative system which would allow the divulgation of the comprehensive bases of internal knowledge from renowned health care professionals with over 20 years’ experience. Netex created a collection of 100 learningCoffee training units, in which the main training tool is video. The learningCoffee and video combination provides two particularly appropriate formats for the transmission of knowledge. The vast experience of the specialists is combined with very practical approaches and experience acquired through the years, resulting in tan entertaining and very educational experience. The project is now being implemented, with the progressive upload of units to the platform. After uploading the first 25 learningCoffees, the following 75 will be uploaded gradually between June and December. In the future Netex and FEGAS hope to extend this programme with new titles which cover new specialities. Due to the success and the quality of the videos created for the project, FEGAS has made public its YouTube channel in order to make the most of this knowledge for specialists anywhere and even for the general public.