We Love Learning 2022

22nd - 23rd March

The tenth edition of the benchmark event for those passionate about training and technology, where the ideas, experience and knowledge of the sector’s main leaders converge.

We Love Learning 2022

The Spring edition was attended by 15 thought leaders, such as Ashley Sinclair, Managing Director of MAAS Marketing for Learning, Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning Technologies Conference, Paco Sirvent, Online Education Lead at IVI RMA GLOBAL or Marina Colchón and Begoña Domínguez, Specialist and Head respectively of Talent Development at Adevinta Spain, who over the two days discussed the trends and challenges of learning in the world of remote work, the use of microlearning and agile learning to improve learner experience, and how marketing is crucial for eLearning initiatives.

The edition was opened by Carlos Ezquerro, CEO of Netex, who highlighted the integration with Virtual College and the 25 years of Netex as key milestones that give a special meaning to this edition: “We are now 100 new colleagues in the company and we have experts such as Hannah Brindle, Managing Director of Virtual College”. Carlos then handed over to Hannah Brindle who spoke about how companies and institutions are continuously facing new challenges and how their learning needs are changing.

Jez Anderson, Learning Solutions Consultant at Virtual College and speaker at this edition, said “learning in the workflow is about people learning on the job without disrupting or disturbing the work activity. It is about offering adaptive learning that allows students to have all the available material at their disposal and thus be able to use it in the professional environment”.

José Martín, director of Netex’s learningCloud solution, added “virtual reality and metaverse experiences have the ability to overcome passive methods of learning in a more interactive and impactful way”.

Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning Technologies Conference, opened the second day of ‘We Love Learning’ and said that “we need to focus less on the technology and more on the human dimension. People share their ideas and grow from the debate, and that is the most inspiring thing for me.”

Finally, the event included a round table discussion with Netex professionals, with the participation of Ana Prado, Director of Educational Content, Ana Táboas, Director of IT Operations, Berta Candendo, Head of Content Factory, Carla Amar, Global HR Director and Pilar Prada, Learning Consultant.

The five speakers discussed the historical moment in which we live, the role of women in a company like Netex and the challenges that exist in a team focused on creating enriching learning experiences, where content, instructional design and technology are the keys to success. “It is very important to make the role of women visible. We need to educate by making women in STEM careers visible because role models are indispensable,” said Ana Prado. “There are new STEM professions that will probably reproduce the gender gap if there are no incentives to accompany and motivate women when choosing their professions”, commented Pilar Prada, Learning Consultant.

The event was attended by more than 500 professionals, including Human Resources managers and heads of training departments of the main companies in our country.