Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2.0 (LTDX 2.0)


Learning experiences at the forefront of transformation strategies


Netex’s Senior Learning Consultant, Ricardo Devai, and Learning Innovation Strategist, Sumedh Kasare, offered a seminar on Learning experiences at the forefront of transformation strategies.

In a world challenged by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, capability development is a major priority in today’s organisations. How can you be successful in creating and delivering learning experiences to bridge the gap, offering from solid knowledge to real-world practice, feedback, and reflection?

Come and join us to get a picture of the workforce challenges and the available resources to tackle them and get your teams ready for whatever is ahead. We will share with you relevant market data, good practices, and tools and learning models to support your organisation’s strategy.

Workplace Learning: Strategy in Practice

Work has changed, and L&D must, too. With a combination of different types of sessions, LTDX 2.0 will be looking at the principles of workplace learning, and putting them into practice, emphasizing the new workplace that we’re entering as we emerge from the pandemic.

How can you make the case for learning as a key strategic enabler? See what other organisations are doing right now along these lines, and explore how shifting the practice of L&D needs not only top-level buy-in, but also a change in the department’s own perspective.

LTDX 2.0 offers a live, interactive and free to attend two-week festival of workplace learning tackling the big questions, challenges and opportunities for L&D today.

  • 8 themes to explore
  • 100 free live interactive L&D sessions including keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, workshops and more
  • Networking with +10,000 learning professionals

All sessions from LTDX February and June editions will be available On-Demand until December 2021 – check the full Conference Programme!