Estrella Galicia

A story about passion, pride and a love for beer.

Estrella Galicia is an established beer brand located in Spain. They don’t just have a brewery, they have a beer museum, they have a beer academy – they truly live and breathe it.

And they want to help others – their employees, vendors, anyone who works with beer – learn all there is about beer and inspire and instil that same passion. How do they do that? Through training, of course.

The aim 

Estrella Galicia needed a fun and effective solution that could make an impact aligned to their mission.

They had a successful face-to-face beer culture course for their employees, but they knew they could take it further. 

The aim was to inspire a wider audience, specifically employees hoping to achieve the Cicerone certification, the craft beer world’s internationally renowned beer knowledge certification.

The challenges 

The programme had to:

  • Capture the essence of face-to-face. They didn’t want the programme to ‘read like a PDF’
  • Deliver the same content, but keep the engagement high
  • Be branded and recognisable as an Estrella Galicia programme
  • Properly prepare learners for the Cicerone certification
  • Have an amazing user experience

How we helped

  • Used Learning Cloud Author to transform their resources into varied and interactive content
  • Provided our Learning Cloud LMS to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience
  • Transformed their content into bite-sized pieces
  • Designed and built a single sign-on page for easy access
  • Branded the platform and content in line with their brand guidelines

The solution 

The final result included:  

  • Two separate courses: one for Cicerone learners, and the other for onboarding to Estrella Galicia
  • Learning Cloud LMS
  • Engaging real-life videos
  • Branded graphical design
  • Varied interactive bite-size content
  • Review and quiz sessions
  • 3 different languages


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