Digital publishing

From paper to screen

We transform your printed books into attractive and useful digital content.

Libros digitales
Análisis pedagógico

Pedagogical analysis

A multidisciplinary team of educators, programmers and designers examine your content and define your digitisation proposal.

They determine the methodology which underlies your textbook. Which subjects does it cover? What kind of support does it need? How should it be oriented? Is there sequentiality?

They examine your materials in order to evaluate adaptation to the new format. They also suggest the creation of new multimedia resources to increase the pedagogical richness and consistency of content.

Template design

With the previous analysis in mind, Netex offers a series of pre-established digital templates to adapt your content.

Thanks to their adaptive design and to the optimised use of HTML5, they can be viewed on computers, tablets or smartphones. They support all existing tracking standards in the educational world, including Marsupial or the new Tin Can API.

If you prefer a more customised development, we can create a unique template including:

  • Usability defined according to the age and academic level of your target users.
  • A layout guaranteeing correct visualisation on devices for distribution.
  • Sequentiality in content respecting your pedagogical method.
  • A visual design reflecting your brand image, respecting your style guide and providing the best experience for the user.
Diseño de la plantilla
Process of production

Production process

  • The project manager will coordinate a schedule with you to set the delivery dates for your original materials, production goals and final delivery of the content.
  • We receive all your books in paper format and all the required material: PDFs, InDesigns, digital objects and all the instructions for set up.
  • Content creation starts in our factories. During the production stage, we generate weekly project status reports to keep you informed of progress.
  • During the production, we establish quality controls and periodic beta tests to guarantee the optimum result of the units which are created. Then the publishing house may perform its own reviews of the content for final delivery.
  • Finally, final delivery of the digital books takes place. Your materials are ready to be published and distributed. We can also integrate your content directly into your storage systems (CMS) if you need it.

If you are looking for something more specific, contact us and we will help you to develop the project you need.