Is 2020 a turning point for L&D?

Download the results – L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2020 by Donald H Taylor

Join Donald in this webinar, as he explores the results of the seventh Survey he presented for the first time to an international audience at i-love learning 2020 event run by Netex in February. He’ll look at the opinions of over 2,200 people from 86 countries world-wide, and examine what it tells us about the future of L&D this year, and beyond.

He will add an added focus on what we can learn from the results from Spain.

i-love learning 2020 - Madrid
Donald Taylor at i-love learning 2020, talking about the results of the Survey.

Learning and Development (L&D) is changing. There is a growing move in L&D away from the traditional focus content to data-supported workplace learning. That is a fundamental shift in the way we see ourselves – and it is just one of three major trends from Donald H Taylor’s annual Global Sentiment Survey.

Key topics:

  • Data-supported learning: are we ready for it?
  • Does L&D really want to be closer to the business?
  • The five fates of trends in L&D: the hype and the happening
  • Is North America still a driving force in new L&D ideas?
  • A closer look at reaction from Spain