Revolutionizing L&D: AI and Social Learning Strategies for the Modern Workplace

Join our exclusive L&D webinar with Katja Schipperheijn to discover strategies tailored to your business. This 40-minute session will dive into the transformative power of AI and social learning to drive business success, innovative strategies and practical applications that will reshape your organization’s approach to employee development.

Our speaker, Katja Schipperheijn, author of The Learning Mindset and Learning Ecosystems, is a renowned expert in the field of learning strategies. Katja’s thought leadership and practical approaches have empowered numerous organizations to integrate AI and social learning, driving significant business success.

Why Attend?

  • Gain Exclusive Insights: Our webinar will dive deeper into innovative AI and social learning strategies that are shaping the future of L&D.
  • Expert Participation: Hear from Katja Schipperheijn, an internationally recognized learning strategist and author. Katja’s expertise in AI and social learning will provide you with actionable strategies to drive business success.
  • Interactive Format: Engage in a 45-minute session featuring an interview with Katja, followed by a 15-minute Q&A. This is your opportunity to ask questions!
  • Preview of our workshop in July: Get a preview of our exclusive workshop in July (with limited access) focusing on addressing obstacles and challenges using Algorithmic Business Thinking
Revolutionizing LD AI and Social Learning Strategies for the Modern Workplace