Students of a Masters degree in University of Santiago de Compostela visited Netex

A group of students, studying for a Masters degree in Training Processes at University of Santiago de Compostela has visited Netex . The visit was arranged to give them first hand experience of a learning technologies company that is implementing some of the core concepts they are acquiring during their studies. After a brief presentation of the company, Rubén Ansedes, Project Manager at Netex Content Factory, and CTO José Ramón Mosteiro illustrated the steps for creating an eLearning project and an introduced some of the latest technologies in the industry such as Smart Content and Learning Analytics. The students also enjoyed a tour around the premises to see the daily life in a company like Netex. Netex is always open to share our experiences with new generation of students. Who knows one day we may welcome back some of our visitors today as Netex employees!

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