Netex Smart Content for a new educational pilot

The Department of Education and University Planning in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia, in its plan for enhancing the useful and effective inclusion of ICT in the classroom, has just launched a pilot project on the school use of intelligent content. Netex has provided Smart Content, the perfect tool to allow schools meeting the objectives set by the Department for this pilot within E-DIXGAL (link in Spanish), a project that the Galician regional government has been developing since 2014 and which includes digital content developed by Netex. The purpose of this pilot is to provide schools and teachers with content they can customise and enrich by adding new activities and assessment tests. In addition, these intelligent content can obtain much more thorough and comprehensive real-time information on learning, progress and confidence of their students in the classroom and which are vital for decision-making and curricular adaptation. The Department wishes to develop a comprehensive pilot covering Years 6 to 8 in different subjects with three classrooms in different schools. Each classroom will work in the third term with two teaching units of E-DIXGAL project for the following subjects:

  • one Year 6 classroom working on two teaching units of Mathematics
  • one Year 7 classroom working on two teaching units of English
  • one Year 8 classroom working on two teaching units of Biology

Since the timing of a teaching unit usually covers three weeks of school work, we have developed a pilot which will last a minimum of six weeks, a reasonable time to allow teachers and students to make intensive use of the Smart Content features.

20160330 PilotoSmartContentunta