Learning Light rates Netex learningCloud as “serious contender”

UK based independent eLearning Research organisation, Learning Light recently released a blog article looking at the current state of the LMS market and making recommendations on vendors to look at closely. Netex learningCloud featured favourably in this research, to take a look at what they said about us, check out the excerpt below, or read the full article.

The Netex LMS is an interesting platform that features in-built content creation and curation tools and focuses on allowing training teams to assemble and build courses from re-usable digital assets – often Open Content. The in-built authoring tool allows rapid production of courses from existing assets or the creation of new digital assets. Netex now also provides some market leading social learning features. This platform is in our view likely to become a very serious contender in the market as it is a well thought through solution that will be a pleasant surprise to many.