Peruvian consultancy firm Geosys joins the Netex Partner Programme

Netex expands its partner programme in Latin America with the incorporation of Geosys, a consultancy firm based in Peru with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate learning sector.

Geosys offers innovative solutions for the 360° management of Human Resources through disruptive technologies aimed at the assessment, training and development of talent, covering the learning and performance optimisation needs of their clients’ human capital.

Netex will contribute to the complete offer that Geosys provides to its customers to solve their learning and growth needs. We Welcome Geosys on board!

In difficult times, a very good strategy is to seek and find strategic allies to overcome together the vicissitudes of the current reality. Netex is an internationally recognised company that will provide us with significant support to improve Corporate Learning and help companies overcome the crisis we all face.

Netex will provide us with the products that contain the technical and educational components for the achievement of the new business objectives. These components based on mobile learning and Microlearning and the efficient and simple use of IT will make organizations reinvent or adapt to current needs.

Geosys and Netex share the same objective of being close to the client, hence our partnership. Putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes will allow us to walk together.

Luis Oviedo Tejada
Geosys CEO

Netex Partner Geosys Peru