Netex receives students of Postgraduate in Business Management of Innovation at University of Coruña

Netex HQ received a visit from a group of Postgraduate in Business Management of Innovation students at University of Coruña. They came to see firsthand how innovation is applied in the day to day running of a company like Netex. As part of the agenda, we offered an overview of Netex’s activity and, more specifically, the processes in which innovation is involved and the impact it has on our products. VisitaUDC02 Our colleagues Arantxa López (Marketing Department) and Rubén Ansedes (Project Manager of Content Factory) held the group presentations about the company’s philosophy and products, and on the gestation of a project as e-learning. After a lively question time, they were guided through a brief tour around the facilities to see in situ the work and environment of an IT company. In our commitment to new generations of students, Netex is always open to bring its unique vision and experience and to share knowledge with future professionals. Finally, we congratulate the third year class of this Postgraduate course as they graduate on July 8th. Congratulations and good luck, guys!