Netex positions as a key technological partner for the digital transformation of universities

Netex has significantly increased its presence in the market of higher education institutions, with a special impact on universities during the last 12 months. Six Spanish universities now rely on Netex solutions to enable their digital transformation: European University of Madrid (UEM) whose collaboration started in 2015, Alfonso X the Wise (UAX), and University of Navarra since 2017, and International University of Valencia (VIU), Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) and the European School of Management and Business (EUDE) which have been incorporated in 2018.

Among the different noteworthy projects currently being developed, are the digitisation of content for more than 200 subjects in a large number of courses, degrees, postgraduate and master’s degrees, among them an MBA and Masters in Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering or Digital Transformation. Netex is also providing personalised classroom-oriented solutions (smartED) that allow teachers and students to interact collaboratively on the content itself, which is also used for the evaluation of the subjects.

Netex supports the strategy of digital transformation and adaptation in institutions as a technological integrator, accompanying them through all stages of the process, from the consultative needs, making digitalisation tools available to them, and offering editorial or instructional advisory services.

The development of these projects has allowed the digital training of thousands of students and the digital adaptation for hundreds of teachers. For Netex, this has enabled it to consolidate this business unit. The company now expects the unit to continue to grow supported by the imminent signing of contracts with two other universities in Spain and further expansion in the Anglo-Saxon and North American markets.

Netex en las Universidades