Netex has been included for the first time in the Top 15 of the Highest-Performing Learning Technology Providers (link) developed by The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), the prestigious global leader in learning and professional development in the field corporate based in the United Kingdom. Netex is the first and only Spanish company to reach this milestone.

The LPI has listed the top 15 organisations in the eBook after they demonstrated that they have a clear roadmap to build capabilities and adapt their strategy for continual success. The organisations also had to offer a strong customer value proposition and have a corporate culture that instils confidence throughout sales and marketing, to delivery and after-sales support. Finally, they must be adjudged to be passionate and committed to developing their staff, products, market reach, and their performance.

The list will provide assurance to prospective and existing customers that these 15 organisations will provide the highest quality of service and the best user experience. They are trusted business partners, acting always in the best interests of their clients and, as such, fully endorsed by the Learning and Performance Institute.