Netex develops for Doctors Without Borders its new Global Digital Welcome Programme

The international medical and humanitarian organisation, Doctors Without Borders, has commissioned Netex to develop its new digital Onboarding programme. MSF welcomes international staff and local partners working with them with this programme, and this is the first time it will be implemented in an online format and at a global level.

The project involves the development of a course in four languages, English, French, Spanish and Arabic, and will be created entirely with Netex professional solution for digital content, contentCloud, thanks to its multi-language capabilities.

Netex is carrying out a complete redesign of a training course that until now was delivered in a classroom setting, restructuring it into eleven modules with a variety of interactive resources that simulate the classroom experience. In addition, the programme is specially designed to address the multicultural nature of the organisation, the wide diversity of positions and their geographical dispersion, as they are often located in remote areas without an Internet connection.