learningCloud is recognised as one of the Top LMS for Microlearning for 2021

eLearning Industry experts have just compiled a comprehensive list of the best microlearning platforms in the market, where Netex features for the first time.

Top LMS for Microlearning 2021

The benefits of microlearning are already proving to be a lifesaver for trainers and learners. Taking a microlearning approach to training is both cost and time-efficient. Bite-sized is the best content type for long-term retention and reinforcement and microlearning has also been found to boost learner engagement.

learningCloud allows our customers to curate, create and share microlearning content adding a touch of gamification to courses through game dynamics that will increase the motivation and engagement of your employees.

Netex is truly excited to be recognised amongst the top global microlearning LMS providers whose mission statement entails guaranteeing a better learning experience for a wide variety of learners.