Digital Enterprise Show 2019

21st - 23rd May 2019

Netex - Digital Enterprise Show - Madrid 2019

Netex participates for the first time in the Digital Enterprise Show 2019, the world leading event dedicated to digital transformation.

Over 300 world’s top tech companies, 450 world’s best digital experts and 21,000 visitors gather every year in Madrid to discuss how the digital changes the business, to acquire the crucial knowledge, skills and solutions to shape their industries’ future.

Sumedh Kasare, Product Manager and Innovation Strategist at Netex, will offer the session “Performance-based learning strategies for the workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution” (Tuesday, May 21st, 12:40pm).

According to Kasare, “building a future-proof workforce is a priority for most of the organisations in this era of Technological Disruption. However, the ever-changing technologies and the epidemically reducing shelf life of knowledge is creating a multitude of skill gaps for the workforce. To stay ahead of the curve, organisations must rethink their learning and development strategies. Learning is no more about the learning records and qualifications; now it is about the learning outcome i.e. Business Performance.”

During the session, attendees will discover how the multi-award winning learning platform, learningCloud, can help you cope up with the challenges of the modern workforce and align learning initiatives with business performance.