Proeduca selects learningCloud as complementary learning platform to deliver the official MBA to thousands of UNIR students

Netex and Proeduca, a leader in online training and considered one of the most important education groups in Spain, have been working together since 2019 on their strategy for transformation and digital adaptation. As a result of this alliance, Proeduca has selected learningCloud, Netex’s next-generation LXP platform, as a complementary platform for the training of its students in the official MBA at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

This project is enabling online learning for thousands of students in Spain and Latin America.  It will also help in digital adaptation for several teachers who generate and manage their own content using learningCloud. The versatility of the Netex platform makes it easier for teachers to create and deliver their educational resources in an innovative format, Sprint, which challenges students through curated, interactive and gamified content.

In the current context, with the situation caused by COVID-19, interest in online training has soared among the educational community. Millions of students around the world are demanding their classes in virtual format and elearning has become increasingly crucial. Netex supports the strategy of transformation and digital adaptation of Proeduca and UNIR as a technological integrator, accompanying both institutions in all stages of the process, from the consultative needs in the initial stage, making the latest technological innovations available to them.

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