Netex and Altia come together for the educational integration of ICT in the classroom

The Joint Venture formed by Netex Learning and Altia has been awarded the contract for a service to deliver the educational integration of ICT in the classrooms project “Use and quality of ICT in the educational environment” for a contract value of 1.5 million euros, promoted by the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Canary Islands Government (CEU).

This is a highly innovative project supporting the the agile development of didactic materials,  integrating the CEU infrastructure with the smartClassroom application. This classroom tool offers a modern and attractive interface to manage efficiently and elegantly, the most important  day to day tasks of teachers in Primary and Secondary Education.

The application incorporates smart content created by teachers, adapted to the diversity of the classroom. The students access a consumer-grade based platform where they enjoy and interact with their learning experience and enjoy the advantages of a new-generation platform. The tool allows the possibility of operating in multi-device support, both online and offline, avoiding overload in scenarios with limited connectivity and reducing idle times in the classroom.

The solution and highly complex project delivered by Altia and Netex to support the public administration,  improve the impact for citizens across regions in critical areas such as education of a high technological level, have been highlighted as references of value and good practices.

The Government of the Canary Islands has placed its trust in both companies through this award, which consolidates Netex’s growth and strategy in the educational field for the coming years.

Netex - Altia - Gobierno de Canarias