The Galician Minister of Industry takes Netex as an example of innovation

The Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, has visited Netex HQ in A Coruña today. He has referred to Netex as an example where “innovation is deep-rooted in company culture”, allowing the company to position itself in the “very competitive international market,” of e-learning systems. “Netex has been developing its activity over ten years in A Coruña, and is a clear example of entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalisation,” said Mr. Conde, who added that the company knows how to be competitive by offering innovative solutions through its presence in 27 countries. In recent years, the company has also positioned itself in publishing and education sectors, enabling the development of and access to products through mobile applications. “Today, half a million young students and thousands of employees in major multinationals learn and train thanks to products developed by a group of local entrepreneurs,” said Mr. Conde. In this context, the Regional Minister of Economy and Industry highlighted that the company now has three offices abroad, in India, UK and Mexico, employs around one hundred people, 80 of them in Galicia, and has new business plans supported by the Galician Government, which will co-finance the group investment, in order to consolidate current business and develop products and distribution channels for digital training. “Through XesGalicia, we support an innovative and competitive activity, which is allowing us to export knowledge from Galicia,” Mr. Conde said. This support is additional to the existing collaboration with the Galician Agency for Innovation since 2009, to boost improvement in their processes, enabling the company to receive a total of over one million euros during this period. Mr. Conde emphasised that this is how Netex is seeking to adapt its software solutions to new markets, to generate new jobs, and to open an office in 2015 in the USA, a country that is currently capturing 52% of the world market in corporate training. In the following link you can read the full press release from the Xunta (link in galician)