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For over 20 years, Netex has helped universities and business schools succeed in their digital strategies

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Is your digital strategy from the last century?

Universities and business schools are all faced with the same problem: how to keep students motivated with their coursework while staying ahead of the digital curve. Netex partners with academic institutions providing digital transformation solutions to these very problems.

Let’s take a look at what these solutions are:

Motivated (and better performing) students

A next-generation user experience, interactive activities, mobile learning, and gamification are just some of the reasons why learningCloud has consistently been rated as one of the top-LMS´ in the market.

Engage and motivate students directly while involving faculty with easy to learn drag and drop course building tool sets.

Digital content at your fingertips, or crafted for you

Netex offers end to end educational technology (EdTech) solutions for content digitization. A state of the art digital content authoring and management tool for your school’s instructional designers.

Or if your team lacks bandwidth, our Content Factory has worked hand to hand with dozens of schools to develop beautifully designed online course solutions that fit your budget and adhere to the latest interoperability standards.

Learners come in all shapes and sizes

Netex offers unique solutions for Workforce Development and Continuing Education programs, so you can keep life-long learners in mind. Our hands-on and gamified online learning approach ensures that continuing education learners are getting the practical skills needed for their workforce development, reskilling, or upskilling. Check out our micro courses and competency-based pathways.

Market your existing online courses to thousands of corporate learners from Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and more

Netex´s 500,000+ corporate LMS users are the perfect market for existing online courses. Our LMS provides you with a gateway to these learners, offering existing online courses, collaborating with Netex on digital course design, and even Spanish and other language translation so your courses can reach as many learners as possible.

Improve Student Performance With A More Engaging Learning Experience

Learn more about how next-generation LMSs can help you connect students to content, teachers, and peers reimagining and delivering more holistic and impactful learning experiences.

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