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For over 20 years, Netex has helped universities and business schools succeed in their digital strategies

The new digital era challenge

Universities face the challenge of digital transformation and they cannot afford to be late to it. Netex guides and partners with your institution in this process of change from the very beginning, advising you at all stages, regardless of the current state of your digital development.

New opportunities bring new challenges

Digital content is aimed at new types of students who demand flexible solutions, allowing them to combine their education with their busy pace of life. With the support of Netex professionals, you will be able to offer content that is ready to be used on any device, at any time, and in any place. Combined with our content distribution tools, it will guarantee a new learning experience for all your students.

Build your brand

Netex solutions offer a very attractive visual environment where you can have all your undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as “Premium” and “Extracurricular” programs. You will be able to implement the latest learning trends such as micro-learning, skills mapping, social learning, and content recommendation.

Take your institution beyond borders

Our new technological solutions allow you to enjoy all the advantages of taking your institution to the cloud. Your teachers will be able to use Netex tools to reach their students wherever they are, to guide them, and to follow their development without geographical restrictions.

Create new revenue streams

We help you leverage your digital offer, degrees, graduate programs, and other courses) offering them to thousands of corporate users and partners across our network in more than 30 countries.

A natural transition to the work world

Netex has extensive experience in the corporate world. Our solutions are being used by thousands of users worldwide.

Students gain access to the same solutions and can develop the required skills to support them in their professional career and entry into the workforce.


Create, collaborate, distribute, analyze

Netex products and services allow you to carry out new and creative training strategies. We advise you on taking advantage of the full scope of these tools and best practices to achieve success in your online learning initiatives.

Digital content factory

We provide appropriate digital and didactic structures to meet your objectives. We plan and coordinate with your experts during all stages of the editorial development.

We create HTML5 content compatible with any LMS on the market (Scorm 1,2, Scorm 2004 and TinCan/xAPI). Our content can be used on any device due to its adaptive design.

Authoring and content-management tools

Keep all your digital production organized and accessible at all times with the highest security standards.

Although contentCloud offers you professional digital editing tools, it is fully compatible with the content generated by other tools. You can also manage the production of your internal editors and your suppliers in the same environment.

Content distribution tools and user experience

learningCloud is the next generation LMS designed to motivate users with an exciting learning opportunity.

It implements the latest trends such as Micro-learning, Skills Mapping, Social Learning, and Content Recommendations. A unique learning experience that generates measurable results that your students will enjoy to the fullest extent.

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