Entertaining, direct and fresh training

Netex goes beyond traditional multimedia courses and offers you a selection of innovative content, designed in HTML5 and ready to be viewed on PCs, tablets or smartphones.


learningCoffee philosophy

Free training and easy access
Compared to the traditional type of course, learningCoffee is agile and allows you to immediately consult information. It can be easily managed and updated.

Anytime, anywhere
Free training, ready to be enjoyed on any device, beyond the workplace.

Better understanding and knowledge retention
Courses suited to your specific training needs. Quick content for specific pedagogical objectives or denser training content for whole subject matters.

Modelo pedagógico
Recursos multimedia

The most practical approach for theoretical content

We provide courses with a practical approach and explain theoretical content through multimedia resources.

Pedagogical videos
Key concepts explained through engaging videos, full of metaphors and examples.

Audio-summaries to reinforce key points.

Animations with high pedagogical value to improve the training experience.

Diagrams, maps, cartoons, etc., to enhance descriptions quickly and effectively.

A picture is worth a thousand words. It boosts creativity and attracts the attention of students.

Latest technologies applied to eLearning

Fully compatible with your LMS
Courses supported by all eLearning standards (SCORM 1.2, eX API, etc.), guaranteeing their complete compatibility with any LMS on the market, even offline.

On any device
Your students only need a web browser to view their courses and enjoy take-away learning.

De catálogo o a medida

Off-the-shelf or custom content

learningCoffee catalogue
Courses specialising in the business world and developed in innovative formats, ready to be used.

Custom content service
Solutions for all your needs: courses, welcome plans, products and services, applications, concepts, internal communication and much more. Request your project and choose the resources you want to use.