Webinar: Gamification and much more with learningPlay

Gamification and much more with learningPlay

Learning Stories with its latest release (2.8.0) becomes learningPlay. This renaming reflects the widened scope of this product. learningPlay now onwards intends to become a Gamified Learning Experience Platform to engage and empower learners for the next generation workspace learning.

learningPlay, through its Agile Learning Design workflow, will enable organisations to implement Continual Learning Culture using Gamification, Microlearning, Spaced Learning, Social Learning, Learning Analytics and Adaptivity, Skills Management and improve the same with robust Analytical Reporting.

In this webinar, Sumedh Kasare will introduce the tool and talk about implementing effective gamification, microlearning, social learning and continual learning using learningPlay.

Also, he will speak about the coming soon features and Roadmap of learningPlay for this year.