Netex welcomes BBNForum to its Partner Program

Netex’s partnership strategy continues to bear fruit with a new incorporation in Latin America. On this occasion, we welcome BBNForum to our team of distributor partners, an Argentinian company with 13 years of experience in the design and implementation of integral eLearning solutions in companies and institutions.

BBNForum conducts strategic consulting in corporate learning under a multidisciplinary approach – in each project it integrates technological, communicational and educational skills, developing its expertise in virtual learning scenarios and in educational content for digital media.

The consultant will market our solutions primarily in Argentina, as well as in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. From Netex’s perspective we offer our support to BBNForum through our wide range of learning solutions, as well as providing the knowledge and experience of our global delivery teams. All of whom are committed to contribute to the success of our new partner delivering Netex learningCloud solutions to its clients in LATAM.

Among our priorities is to optimize the processes of management and use of e-learning tools in companies, to achieve a change in the perception they have today of virtual training. We are confident that this alliance with Netex will bring us closer to this goal.

The synergy between our skills and the potential of Netex and its products will provide the organizations with which we work a new horizon of possibilities in terms of e-learning training: new learning scenarios and new ways of consuming educational content.

Integrating Netex products into our service offer also responds to our intention to grow and work with other markets of interest, such as Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.

Ricardo Navarro, Managing Partner at BBNforum