Netex attracts the eye of several international investment funds

Netex has introduced its international strategic plan and already has more than 10 American and European investment funds interested in participating in this new stage which will involve the opening of offices in United States, amongst others.

With over 18 years’ experience, Netex has specialized in technology solutions for education both at scholar and corporate sectors. In education, today more than one million children in Latin America use its software distributed by Santillana publishing house, and in the business world, large companies such as Inditex, parent company of main international retailer Zara, implemented its solutions for internal company training.

Currently, Netex strategy aims at consolidating and increasing its presence in over 15 countries where its solutions are directly or indirectly sold thanks to its network of partners. Netex has been one of the few Spanish technology companies having presence in India for over 3 years and has strengthened its international position in Europe since the London office.

Although customers come mainly from outside Galicia, Netex participates in local projects such as “Abalar” pilot of the regional government for the digitization of the classroom in Galicia, which is an example of educational modernization to set precedent internationally.