i-love learning 2018, the annual meeting point for training and new learning technologies lovers

In its sixth national edition, the event gathered more than 150 attendees from 70 different organisations who made i-love learning an unprecedented success.

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On February 16th, the Palacio de Linares in Madrid witnessed how a group of passionate people about training and technology shared knowledge and concerns about training, technology, and above all about meeting the needs of people.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

The event, presented by Eva Astorga, L&D Manager at KPMG Spain, was attended by speakers with the likes of:

In addition, we enjoyed an interesting round table specialised in the pharma sector in which Tanit Ruiz Revuelta, Head of Learning & Development at MSD, and Nuria Fernández González, Head of Global Commercial Training at Almirall, shared their experiences within the sectors.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

All of them were joined by our Global Channel Director, Mike Byrne, as well as the key intervention of Netex CEO, Carlos Ezquerro, who greeted the attendees with enthusiastic words.

As mentioned in Twitter, “the desire and passion to learn floated in the air” and it was no wonder given the depth and sincerity with which each intervention stimulated and convinced the audience.

The thread of the interventions was as deep and analytical as it requires a topic such as training work teams. Therefore, the interventions shared a common corner: users and the transformation of their demands.

David Perring, made a defense plea before what is e-learning and what sense it has, defending that it is a process and not a format. In a very simple way, he found evidence that usability must necessarily be the engine that generates change and not the other way around.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

Likewise, Donald H Taylor, shared that UX vision, but in his case, he applied to the implementation of technology in the company. Taylor explained a methodology with which this implementation is successful and the key was precisely to meet the expectations of professionals, measure and analyse the impact on users.

As the host of the event, Eva Astorga agreed with both in looking at the user and also highlighted the responsibility of this user in their own learning, thinking, developing and enjoying that learning process.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

The round table between Tanit Ruiz and Nuria Fernández allowed to deepen and analyse all these issues in a complex and changing sector as the pharma, in which Netex has extensive experience. Interactions with the attendees shed light on the real application and practical cases, reaching a clear conclusion: the need to bring answers and knowledge to professionals in a short, direct, online and multidisciplinary format.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

A reflection that without a doubt was the perfect pass for Mike Byrne’s intervention: How to respond to the consumption habit of the modern professional? Mike illustrated to the attendees about the profound transformation not only in the access to knowledge but in the consumption habits that reduce the attention times of the modern user considerably.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

To round off, Pilar Jericó made all those attending the event to talk about the most human part, emotions, the logic of evolution around the need to learn and how, paradoxically, technology makes us more human. Jericó aroused curiosity speaking precisely of curiosity and creativity and how to awaken talent through change.

An idea that undoubtedly invites us to dedicate technology to automated processes and let humans follow what machines can never do: reflect.

i-love learning Madrid 2018

i-love learning 2018