Fosway, consultancy leader in HR, recognises Netex as one of the key companies in the European training industry

Fosway, a leading human resources analyst in Europe, places Netex as a “Core Challenger” among all companies in the industry, highlighting the balance achieved between the potential and performance of its e-learning solutions.

Every year, Fosway Group publishes the Fosway 9-GridTM, an independent piece of analysis that offers a comparison between different companies in the market, looking at their performance, potential, market presence and cost of their proposals.

The Fosway report on the current state of digital training in Europe also highlights the low cost of the solutions offered by Netex and its future projection. For its analysis, Fosway has taken into account the range of Netex products (platforms, applications, contents and services), the experience of the company and the support and training offered to customers.

This means, Netex is not only positioned for the first time within the annual analysis for Digital Learning, but also becomes the first Spanish company in the sector to achieve this recognition.

Fosway 9 Grid Digital Learning 2017