Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018

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Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018
Tuesday 12th June 2018

Designed to further develop the key learning themes from this year’s Learning Technologies event, this free exhibition is your chance to see, hear and experience the best of the sessions, new technologies, demos and companies that you may have missed at the February event.

With a packed programme of more than 30 free seminars in four open theatres and an exhibition area showcasing 36 of the leading industry suppliers, it provides a wonderful opportunity to network with fellow L&D professionals and to keep your finger on the pulse of this fast paced and ever-changing industry.

For this occasion, Netex’s Innovation Strategist, Sumedh Kasare, will offer a seminar on “Change is the new constant- keeping up with the speed of business through Agile Learning”.

Organisations are expected to have business agility, where business decisions and directions could shift overnight. To achieve ever-changing goals, they need to have Talent Agility- a workforce that adapts rapidly to change.

In the era of exponential information bursts, learner’s reduced attention span and increasing engagement deficit, the restrictive nature of traditional LMS centric learning often falls short in bringing agility in learning. The new world of learning engagement technology, creates a new arena for programs to now move at the speed of business.

In this session, we will discuss solutions for Learning and Talent Agility and focus on:

  • Why to adopt an Agile methodology
  • The power of informal learning using curation and social tools
  • Engagement platforms that integrate into and enhance your current systems

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Tuesday 12th June 2018

Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd
Kensington, London W14 8UX, UK


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