Optimising Performance


Learning Coffee Optimising Performance


Similarities between the world of sport and business have led many companies to include strategies in their work methods that more often than not are associated with sports teams. The struggle to obtain results and reach your goals, is common to both business and sport.
So far, attention has centred mainly on questions related to leadership and teamwork. We have tended to overlook those associated more with individual preparation, such as how to maintain the right levels of concentration, precision, tension and effort in order to achieve maximum performance rates at any given time. This Learning Coffee is all about techniques that will help us to improve our own performance, and therefore that of the entire organisation.

  • How to work under pressure by applying the same techniques used by sportspeople when they feel the strain of competition.
  • About instruments that that will help you to regulate your levels of motivation, self-confidence, attention… and all of your own free will.
  • How to use these techniques to generate a feeling of self-control that will enable you to successfully take on professional and career challenges.
Table of contents
  • Introduction.
  • What does ‘optimising performance’ mean?
  • The importance of the mind in self-development.
  • Psychological tools for improving individual performance.
  • How our environment influences our performance.
  • Physical tools for improving our performance.
  • Summary.
  • Now test yourself.

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