How to Enhance Positive Emotions


Learning Coffee How to Enhance Positive Emotions


We all know some people who dwell on the negative side of life no matter what happens to them. This attitude only leads to dissatisfaction and achieving bad results. When we come across the opposite type of behaviour, it becomes evident that, in the long run, a positive outlook on life provides better results and greater satisfaction all round.
In this Learning Coffee, we will examine the role of optimism in facing adversity with a positive approach, as well as the emotional factors which contribute to a healthy, vital attitude to life.

  • Learn to examine your emotions.
  • Discover how to reconduct them so as to achieve positive results in personal development.
  • Learn how to combine an open mind and an optimistic outlook in the face of adversity.
  • Understand the meaning of resilience and incorporate it into your life.
Table of contents
  • The optimistic person.
  • The value of optimism.
  • The more optimism, the more health.
  • What is happiness?
  • The road to happiness.
  • Learning optimism.
  • Facing traumatic situations: resilience.
  • Experimenting.

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