Professional creation and management of digital content in the cloud.

Create, manage, collaborate, analyse

All your content production and management in one platform. Create seamless collections of content and keep them updated. Coordinate your internal content development or your entire network of suppliers, and control production times and costs easily and smoothly.

A unique environment for internal and external content development

Define all aspects of your digital content – learning objectives, evaluation model, type of activities, navigation, user experience, look&feel – and have your suppliers and internal teams coordinated and working according to the same parameters.

Increased production capacity

contentCloud is compatible with a “big project” model for high-performance production strategies. Associate agile production processes and reduce analysis and management times.

Production control and costs

Collaborative supplier-client work tools and analytical panels to have total control of real-time production progress and costs.

The most innovative content

contentCloud offers a professional digital authoring tool for your organisation to harness all the creativity within your team and beyond, in the most productive way.

Content adjusted to your learning model

Accelerate production by having all your authors and subject-matter experts work under the same instructional model using personalised content templates and multi-language functionality to cover all the needs of your projects.

Activity catalogue

Evaluate the progress of users, and subsequent knowledge acquisition, through assessment components such as multiple activity types and questionnaires, assessments, interactive games, and more.

Multimedia resources

Enrich your content with interactive videos, audio, animations, augmented reality, 3D, PDFs, etc. Netex even provides a bank of resources for everything you need.

Cutting-edge smart technology

Discover the potential of content that includes collaborative tools, adaptive learning and classroom experience solutions.

Standards are our speciality

HTML5 content in the Cloud, compatible with all current tracking standards such as Scorm 1.2, Scorm 2004, TinCan/xAPI and LTI.

In any device and format

Multi-device, responsive content that can be consumed at any time and place guaranteeing the best user experience.

Smart functionalities

Take your content to another level with collaborative activities, classroom tools, teacher authoring and advanced learning analytics.

All your production under control

contentCloud’s administration environment will allow you to have all your production organised and accessible at all times and with the latest security standard. In addition, you will be able to manage your teams, assigning authors, reviewers and project managers.

Your content organised and available

Manage your content production and your suppliers in the same environment. Your projects and publications are one click away thanks to a powerful search and tagging system.

Project management tools

Control production and send communication to your team and suppliers thanks to agile boards that show the real-time status of each task. contentCloud also integrates seamlessly with other project management applications to suit your production needs.


Control the production status, storage space consumed, units created and team performance via dashboards.

Why is contentCloud important for your content strategy?

Definition and execution for content development

  • Increase productivity with a professional content development tool.
  • Establish production criteria for your internal teams and suppliers.
  • Manage processes and costs.
  • Easily incorporate teams into a more controlled production environment.
  • Define educational and production models that allow you to accelerate development of content and speed to market.

Easy creation and management

  • Upload content created with 3rd-party tools.
  • Organise all of your content by themes, provider, etc.
  • Create unique content oriented to your learning strategy.

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